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9 Steps to Build a DIY Off-Grid Solar System

Ok, so here at the Funny Little Farm we’ve been working on getting all schooled in solar power. The goal is to have a solar powered quail house by next winter. This tutorial from Survival and Perspective is hands-down the best I have seen, and boy howdy, have I looked! Now I have no excuse not to get started…

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Adding raspberries to your homestead

Check out this post on trellising raspberries from the Hardison Homestead. Turnbuckles! That’s just what the Funny Little Farm needs!

Earth and Oven

Have you seen the going price for raspberries right now? $4 for half a pint. 4 ounces! Good grief. Just think if you had your own raspberries to add to your summer berry harvest. Haul them out to the local farmers market and score! People would flock to your tent. Offering local organic berries to your community, raspberries at that. You would have something special.


We planted two raspberry plants and a grape vine last year. We just knew that the grape vine would do well but we were unsure about the raspberries. To our surprise, it was just the opposite. We planted them when they were just 2′ tall and this spring they have over 9′ canes and plenty of them. It’s crazy. Their growth caught us off guard making us realize that we had to build a trellis asap!

If you’re wanting to grow raspberries, a trellis is…

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