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8 SHTF Hand Tools You May Not Have Thought of


If you have been homesteading or prepping for any length of time, you probably have, or have thought about, what you would need if you were off-grid, or if you were in a grid-down scenario. We all probably have the basics: Hammer, saw, screwdrivers etc., but what would you really need to operate your home or homestead?

We are so very fortunate to have our modern power tools, but if that were not the case, we’d need to think like great-grandpa did. The following is a list of tools that you may really be thankful for someday. You may even find yourself using some of them when the power is on!

Brace (Hand Drill)

You are going to need to drill stuff, build stuff, and screw things in. Maybe big things. You will need to do repairs and reinforcements on your home, and boy would that be a pain in the patootie with nothing but a set of regular screwdrivers! We have one of these on the Funny Little Farm and it gets used even now when we don’t want to pull out the Makita to drill one hole or, ahem, we forgot to charge it.

Stanley – 5044 Bit Brace 250 Mm 10In


You are going to need to get those precious seeds into the ground! If you are fortunate enough to have an animal to pull a plow, you won’t even give this tool a second glance, but tilling the earth by hand is hard work. A cultivator will not make it a piece of cake, but it will help loosen up clay or rocky soil. One of these is also handy to have if you have a small to medium size garden plot already and just want to aerate it in the spring before planting.

TrimmerPlus GC720 Garden Cultivator with Four Premium Tines

Cross Cut Saw

Here’s the deal…Trees are big. Winter is cold. Fire is warm. When there is no fuel for your chainsaw, you will either need one of these or a trained pet beaver.

Lynx 5′ Two Man Crosscut Saw


If you are building something in a long-term grid down situation, it’s likely you won’t be able to run to the lumberyard and get nice, perfectly shaped planks for your project. It’s more likely you are going to be trying to fit together pieces of fallen wood or wood you have cut yourself. Get those pieces to interlock perfectly or fit snugly together with woodworking chisels. To this end, consider a Hand Plane and set of files as well.

Irwin M444SB6N Blue Chip Bevel Edge Woodworking Chisel Set, 6-Piece (Box set)

Block and Tackle

These things are great! You’re going to need to move things. Potentially very heavy things. And nobody wants to risk a back injury when they need to be out plowing a field the next day if the family is going to eat this Summer. You can find these handy lifters in varying weight capacities and specific various tasks. There are ones for lifting tons, and ones for lifting game. You can get a pretty nautical one and even use it as a decoration! Pair it with a winch and you are golden.

Super-Handy Heavy-Duty 4,000 LB Capacity Rope Hoist

Ratcheting tie downs

Rope is great for many tasks, but you can’t beat ratcheting tie downs for holding power. If you haven’t used these before, your world will change when you do. There is a wide strap with a hook on each end, and there is a ratchet in the middle that you use to tighten the strap. You can use these to keep things in place when you are hauling on a trailer, you can use them to keep your greenhouse or other yard stuff from blowing away in a windstorm, you can even use them as a come-along when moving very heavy objects on skids.

Erickson 34416 Pro Series Black 2″ x 10′ Retractable Ratcheting Tie-Down Strap


This tool is used when you are trying to use an area of your property where the earth has a lot of roots and/or rocks in it. You can show those roots who’s boss with this thing and get your dirt ready for planting or building upon.

Truper 31638 5-Pound Cutter Mattock with Fiberglass Handle


So many uses…. Carrying water from the source to your filtering system, carrying rocks or wood, moving anything not quite heavy enough for a winch. Now, you can get steel sided ones or ones with larger capacity than the one I’m recommending here, but let me tell you why this one works for our family.

  • Solid tires. In a SHTF situation we don’t want to worry about flats.
  • This folds up and fits in our van. If we were in a situation where we had to walk home, I could just plunk the kiddos and bug out bag I keep in the car in there and watch me roll.
  • You can fit a lot of stuff in here. It is not only useful on the farm, but could be a lifesaver when you are trying to get out of Dodge.

EasyGoWagon Folding/Collapsible Utility Wagon Black

I hope this list helps you on your preparedness journey. If you have ideas for other items, let the readers know by leaving a comment!


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